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In 2007, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Ministry of International Cooperation (MoIC) signed an agreement to launch the Executive Secretariat for the Demining and Development of the North West Coast (NWC). The Executive Secretariat is mandated with coordinating and monitoring the implementation of the development plan and humanitarian mine action activities in the NWC.The North West Coast is predominantly inhabited by Bedouin communities, who have a unique cultural setting with tribal dynamics. These dynamics are crucial to understanding the social impact of the mine problem in Egypt, as well as the challenges to meet local needs and develop an inclusive and participatory strategy for economic and social integration.
The Executive Secretariat works closely (in both its headquarter in Cairo and its field office in Matruh) with the Egyptian Government, the UNDP, international donors, Egyptian military personnel, and other partners on demining and humanitarian mine action.
To achieve success, the Executive Secretariat covers strategic, managerial, operational, and institutional aspects of the project between all sectors. The NWC’s contamination with explosive remnants of war dates back to the events that took place in the Western Desert during WWII, mainly Al Alamein battles I & II in 1942 between the Allies and the Axis. Since then, Egyptians have been bearing the burden of these conflicts that left behind contaminated land.
The existence of landmines, Explosive Remnants of War (ERWs), and Unexploded Ordinance (UXOs), left behind since WWII, denies access to an area of approximately 22% of Egyptian territory and pose immediate threats on Egyptians in the NWC. Inhabitants continue to use contaminated areas for cultivation, grazing, housing, and daily activities such as simply walking to school. The Corps of Military Engineers works on saving lives through locating, and removing, ERWs and UXOs as a prerequisite for humanitarian action. Since 2009, the Corps of Military Engineers cleared 1,454 square kilometers of contaminated land in cooperation with the Executive Secretariat and the Egyptian government.
Egypt has 1/5th of the world’s landmines
This project is divided into two phases, both aiming to clear contaminated land, promote sustainable development, and focus on humanitarian demining activities
Phase I:

was mainly concerned with the establishment of the Executive Secretariat and setting a strategy for: Communications, mine risk education, resource mobilization, and victim assistance.

Phase II (Current Phase):
which is currently underway, focuses on the execution of the set strategy while improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the overall mine action program in Egypt through: Strengthening national capacities for mine action in Egypt, reintegrating mine victims with emphasis on women into society, and expanding mine risk education and advocacy activities.

Supporting the North West Coast Development Plan and Mine Action Project

1- Recommendations of the UN mission
2- The Prime Minister of the Arab Republic of Egypt issued decree number 750/2000 to establish the National Committee for supervising the Mine Clearance of the North West Coast

Emphasized the developmental dimensions and objectives of the demining endeavors by renaming the National Committee to "National Committee for the Supervision of Mine Clearance and the Development of the North West Coast"

Placed a comprehensive development plan for the North West Coast

The Ministry of International Cooperation and the UNDP signed the Egypt/UNDP Mine Action project document for phase I

Established the Executive Secretariat in the Ministry of International Cooperation

1- UN consulting mission
2- Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining evaluation mission
(Establishing a quality control unit)

A partnership agreement with The European Union and the UNDP is signed to support the North West Coast Development plan/ mine action- Phase II

The Corps of Military Engineers reported 396.8 squared kilometers cleared land for the Ministry of Agriculture and Housing

1) The Corps of Military Engineers successfully cleared 151 km2 which were allocated for the
New City of Al-Alamein.
2) The inauguration of the Artificial Limbs Center in Matrouh

904 square kilometers of land were demined in Al Dabaa and allocated for the petroleum sector