Media and Advocacy

Media and Advocacy
Media and advocacy are tools used to reach out to people and get important messages across. The Executive Secretariat utilizes these tools through various methods of communication to advocate the issue on a local and global scale to raise awareness on humanitarian mine action. Therefore, the Executive Secretariat advocates for international participation in eradicating landmines and UXOs in Egypt that remained after WWII. A life free from the threats of mines is possible through cooperation and support from the local and global community. The Executive Secretariat advocates for humanitarian demining and development through workshops, trainings, conferences, events, and competitions.

Lectures were given about the mine risks in academic and training institutions and forums. The League of Arab States sponsored discussions on mine issues in the Arab world, which involved the participation of the Executive Secretariat. To promote the project and spread awareness about the mine problem in the NWC and its challenges and progression, the Executive Secretariat participated in several TV and radio programs.

– Seeking Better Civic Advocacy: This conference was held twice in 2016 and in 2017 to discuss the role of civil society in mine action and how the Executive Secretariat contributes to this role. This conference hosts all sectors of society, which includes representatives from the army, the Ministries of Education and Social Solidarity, mayors, religious figures, the ambulance, media personnel, civil society leaders, and some of the mine victims.

– Executive Secretariat Achievements and Way Forward: This conference was held in 2015, which focuses on the accomplishments and future goals.

– Media Conferences: Domestic/Matruhi journalists, representatives of International News agencies, media personnel and anchors were invited and lectured about everything related to the Executive Secretariat since its inception. Victims gave testimonies of the role of the Executive Secretariat in providing them with artificial limbs and enabling them economically through micro-credit loans and income generating projects.

– The Role of Females in Mine Action: 2 workshops were conducted in Siwa and Matrouh in 2016 and 2017 on the role of women in mine action which aimed to raise awareness on the dangers of mines and their roles as role models and influencing figures.

– Arabic Outreach program (AOP): The Executive Secretariat participated in the Arabic Outreach Programme at the Geneva International Center for Humanitarian Demining starting 2012 – present, and in 2017 the AOP was
in Egypt. The Executive Secretariat represents Egypt in the programme where it hosts, or organizes, and participates. The purpose of the AOP workshops and conferences is to demonstrate the best practices and exchange experiences in mine action throughout 18 Arabic-speaking countries in the region.