The Executive Secretariat for the Demining and Development of the North West Coast was successful in the establishment of three Watershed Management Projects, which were funded by the government of New Zealand.

In addition to that, the NWC enjoys enormous economic potential and an abundance of natural resources which trigger the growth of development in the region. As a result, the Executive Secretariat introduced the Resources and Development Plan of the North West Coast (which has been updated upon the request of the Executive Secretariat in 2010/2011) which calls for:

  • Half a million acres of land suitable for cultivation
  • Three and a half million acres for grazing and agricultural industries
  • 70 million cubic meters of mineral resources
  • 8 billion barrels of petroleum
  • 5 trillion cubic meters of natural gas
  • The expected investments by 2032 for the development of these resources: 385 billion Egyptian Pounds
  • The development of these resources creates about 750,000 new job opportunities by 2032, and is expected to reach 2 million new job opportunities by 2050
  • The implementation of the National Development Plan will drastically change the relationship between the Egyptian citizen and the Egyptian land through attracting no less than 6 million Egyptians to resettle in the region by 2050 (while there are approximately 400,000 in the meantime).



Watershed Management Project Direct Beneficiaries Indirect Beneficiaries Starting Date Closing Date
Wadi Hebla 51 households 483 households Oct 2012 Feb 2014
El Hawaweer 15 households 22 households June 2014 Dec 2014
Ahdaf 20 households 25 households Aug 2014 April 2015
  • *Households = in average 5-7 persons in each.

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