Mine Risk Education

Mine-risk education (MRE) refers to educational activities aimed at reducing the risk of injury from mines and Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) by raising public awareness. The aim is to allow the families to comprehend the mine risks they may encounter, be able to identify mines and ERW, as well as promoting behavioral changes by learning to stay safe and secure in landmines & ERW contaminated areas. Ongoing field MRE campaigns take place using publications produced by Executive Secretariat to achieve this objective.

1.  MRE Campaigns

In collaboration with a number of agencies and ministries (Directorate of Education, Directorate of Culture, Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs, Matruh Governorate, General Authority for Information and Hans Seidel Foundation) the first MRE campaign was launched to raise awareness of mine dangers from 7 March to 15 April 2010 in 5 centers in the Governorate of Matruh. This campaign targeted primary and preparatory school students. The campaign succeeded in the delivery of educational messages for more than 15 thousand students.

A second MRE campaign was conducted from April to June 2012. The second campaign which targeted high schools and higher educational institution students left a noticeable impact and motivated the Governorate of Matrouh to officially request an extension of MRE activities and engage institutions such as the Churches and the Salafi Group and for such activities to be organized in their locales.

The Executive Secretariat has launched the third MRE campaign which will last for several months from the beginning of November 2015 until April 2016 and will include activities for schools, villages and hamlets, the Department of Civil Protection Ministry of the Interior, mosques and healthcare units. The involved activities will be carried out in coordination with the field office and the trainers who have received the Training of Trainers (TOT).

2. Training of trainers (TOT)

In the collaboration of the Geneva International Centre, Executive Secretariat organized a “Training for Trainers” workshop in September 2009 to train and educate a number of local leaders and officials as well as religious preachers found able to convey the awareness messages across the local population.

A second “Training for Trainers” workshop was held in February 2012 by the Executive Secretariat MRE officer to train 16 trainers.


Aiming at developing a gender sensitive component in the action plan for women’s participation in mine action related activities in Egypt, and noticing the impact of women in the Bedouin/Matrouhi community, the notion to enhance their role in disseminating awareness was of noticeable importance. Thus, in 2013, the primary field MRE team was constructed of Rural Female Leaders who received intensive TOT courses and are now cooperating in the MRE process. Moreover, a TOT session was delivered to 40 senior delegates of the Educational Directorates of Matrouh Governorate to qualify them to train the Matrouhi Teachers to deliver an MRE curriculum to the targeted students. While another was delivered to a number of officials representing Al-Azhar and the Church, social solidarity, the Directorate of Health and Veterinary, the Directorate of Agriculture, Matrouh Media Center and the Civil Defense.


3.  MRE Curriculum

By mid –August 2014, the “MRE Curriculum” was funded by the USAID, revised and accredited by Caritas, then proposed to the Ministry of Education to approve and agree on its inclusion in all pre-university stages; late-primary (4th, 5th and 6th primary), preparatory and secondary stages of Basic and Azhari of Matrouh Governorate. Finally, an MRE curriculum was launched and distributed on 74,000 Matrouhi kids to help manifest the reach of Mine Risk awareness to the maximum attainable. The Ministry of Education has not only approved the Mine Risk Education Booklet, in all the pre-university stages of Matrouh Governorate, but also requested the same booklet be distributed in the governorates of North Sinai, South Sinai, Suez and Ismailia.


4. Competitions

  • Two post stamps on Mine Action were issued as a result of a nationally organized com­petition.


A contest called in slang: “rod balek” (which means take care) consists of 30 radio aired episodes, 5 minutes each.


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